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How to Transfer Airtime from MTN to MTN (2020)

We are going to show you How To Transfer Airtime from your MTN Number to any MTN Number.


Enter ‘Amount’, leave a space, enter ‘Mobile number’, leave a space, enter ‘PIN’ and send to 1329

E.g. ‘5 024XXXXXXX 1234’ and send to 1329. 


Dial *198#, select 2 ‘Transfer’, enter receiver eg. 024XXXXXXX, enter amount eg. 5, enter decimal eg. 0, enter PIN eg. 1234 and select 1 to confirm.

Prior to that, you should know what your Default PIN is and how to Change it.
There are two ways to do that.

To change your default PIN, SMS your default PIN which is [1234], New PIN, New PIN to 432.

Example SMS 0000 1234 1234 send to 432.

Secondly you can Dail *198*defaultPIN*New PIN* New PIN# then, press send.

Example, Dial *198*0000*1234*1234#.

Note that, 1234 is the Default PIN for any new MTN Number when Transferring airtime.

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