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How To Hard Reset All Infinix Phones

When a phone begins to malfunction, it’s an indication that there is an issue with either the hardware or the software.

Hardware problems (broken screens, faulty mouthpieces, and charging ports) are more straightforward to fix however, Software problems are trickier and sometimes you may want to hard reset your phone to fix some software bugs.

In this guide, you are going to learn how to hard reset Infinix Zero, Infinix Hot 10T, Infinix Hot 10, Infinix Hot 8, Infinix Smart4, Infinix Note 10, Infinix X560 and much more.

How To Reset Infinix Smartphones

  • Open Settings on your Phone
  • Tap Back-up and Reset
  • Tap Factory Data Reset
  • Tap Reset phone

Your phone will restart and everything will look fresh for a new configuration.

Important Note: Please, make sure to export your contacts to the MicroSD Card to back it up, so you can easily restore them after the reset.

How to Perform Hard Reset

  • First, you need to turn off your Infinix phone.
  • Then proceed and press this buttons mentioned below together;
    Volume Up+Home Button+Power or Volume Down+Power
  • The phone will boot into Recovery mood.
  • Press Power Button + Volume Up simultaneously and an Android Recovery screen will appear. You can control the device by using the Volume buttons to select “Wipe data/factory reset” from Infinix recovery screen.
  • Lastly, proceed and confirm the process.
    After you must have confirmed the process, be patient while the hard reset works, because it normally takes a few minutes before the process is fully completed.

Warning: When you decide to hard reset or format an Infinix smartphones, PLEASE BE AWARE that all data would be lost. If there is any data which you want to save before hard resetting your Infinix phone, ensure you back up your device before carrying out the hard reset.

You have to either transfer your files to the SD Card, including your contacts and media files, or use a cloud backup to save them before proceeding with this method.

Important Note: Please, make sure to export your contacts to the MicroSD Card to back it up, so you can easily restore them after the reset.

Why Hard Reset is Useful

  1. It is extremely useful and almost the only option if you forget your pattern lock or PIN.
  2. When you are experiencing intermittent crashes and lags, then it’s significant to perform this reset yourself.
  3. If you want to refresh the hardware, because you haven’t done it for years.
  4. When your mobile phone is freezing or is unresponsive, then hard resetting your smartphone is critical, your last resort is to do this, if you can’t access the system’s settings.

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