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How to link your GCB Bank Account to your G-Money wallet.

The introduction of G-Money is surely commendable and comes with convenience.

The G-Money mobile money platform was introduced by the GCB Bank Limited to help bridge financial chasm. With G-Money you can transfer of funds from one account (bank account or mobile wallet) to another, as well as the purchase of items and services, whether physical or electronic using a mobile device.

In order to perform transaction from you bank account, you need to link it first. Here are the procedure to go through.

  1. Dial *422#
  2. Select Option 2 (G-Money)
  3. Select Option 6 (Bank Services)
  4. Select Option 1 to Link Bank Account.
  5. Select 1 for the Bank (GCB Bank Limited)
  6. Enter Account Name
  7. Enter Account Number
  8. Select Option 1 to confirm details
  9. Enter your PIN to proceed and you are done.

An SMS will be sent to your number after link is successful.

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